Water in Food

Before we get into today’s fill up on food challenge, I wanted to let you all know about some exciting news.  Fit 4 Me now has monthly newsletters!  To sign up for this months newsletter and get lots of tips and recipes for a Healthy Labor Day weekend, sign up here.

Today’s food fill up challenge is high water foods.  We’ve already talked about the importance of drinking water and staying hydrated.  And we learned from our water challenge that drinking water helps us stay fuller, longer.  The same can be said for foods that contain a lot of water.  And as an added bonus, since water is calorie-free, foods that contain a lot of water are lower in calories!

So today, try at least one serving of food from the list below and notice how it helps hydrate you and keep you feeling full.

water food

High Water Food List

Watermelon, 92% water!
Grapefruit, 90% water
Coconut Water, 95% water
Avocado, 81% water
Cucumbers, 96% water
Cantaloupe, 89% water
Strawberries, 92% water
Broccoli, 90% water
Crisp lettuce, 96% water
Low fat milk, 89% water
Low fat yogurt, 85% water
Celery, 95% water
Radishes, 95% water
Tomatoes, 95% water
Green Peppers, 94% water
Cauliflower, 92% water
Spinach, 92% water
Baby carrots, 90% water

Need inspiration?

Many of these items can be added to your regular meals and snacks, as sides or the main attraction.  Add strawberries to your morning cereal, have a slice of watermelon as a snack, and make a side salad of spinach, green peppers and tomatoes for your dinner and lunch.

Remember, cooking these items will lower the water content.  So try them raw and enjoy the extra hydration!

What food are you going to try?  Did you notice a difference in how you felt?


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