Weekly Challenge: Fill up on Food!

Does that title excite you?  Well, it should!  This week we are going to focus on foods that help you feel fuller, longer.  Not only are these foods nutritious, but they will help you lose or maintain your weight.

Every day I will give you a different nutrient to focus on and a list of foods to try.  You challenge is to try at least 1 serving of food from the list that day.  Notice how you feel after eating the food.  Did you feel more energetic?  Did you stay fuller longer?

And the more foods you eat from the list, the better your results.  So try at least one, but for those of you looking for more of a challenge, eat more foods from the list.  You won’t regret it!

Today our focus is on High Fiber Foods.

What is fiber?

Fiber is actually a form of carbohydrate that your body can not digest.  That sounds like a bad thing, but it’s actually good.

Usually your body digests carbohydrates very quickly, causing you to be hungry quickly after eating them.  Think about the last time you had a cookie or piece of cake?  Yes, it was yummy, but in about 30 minutes or less, I bet you were looking for another snack.  The body digested that food quickly – giving you a nice sugar rush, but then you hit bottom – felt sluggish and hungry again.  That’s what happens when you eat carbohydrates without fiber.

Carbohydrates with fiber stay in the digestive tract longer, keeping your blood sugar in check (no crashes!) and helping you to fill fuller longer.  And of course fiber has the added health benefits of helping “clean out” the digestive system, as well as lowering your risk of developing heart disease and diabetes.

How much fiber do I need?

On average, women should consume 25 grams of fiber a day and men should consume 38 grams of fiber.

If you know your specific caloric intake needs, you can do a quick calculation for your fiber needs.  You should consume 14 grams of fiber per every 1,000 calories you consume.  So if you are consuming 2,000 calories, you should consume 28 grams of fiber of day.

High Fiber Food List

Hummus, 3 tablespoons, 2.7 grams
Oatmeal, 1 serving, 4 grams
Avocado, 1 medium, 13.5 grams
Lentils, 1/4 cup, 3.9 grams
broccoli, 1 cup, 5.1 grams
Brussel Sprouts, 1 cup, 4.1 grams
Kale, 2 cups, 4.8 grams
Raspberries, 1 cup, 8 grams
Pear with skin, 1 medium, 5.5 grams
Apple with skin, 1 medium, 4.4 grams
Barley, 1 cup, 6 grams
Chia seeds, 2 tablespoons, 9.8 grams of fiber
Carrots, 10 medium baby, 3 grams
Artichokes, 1 medium, 10.3 grams
Almonds, 1/4 cup, 4.5 grams
Black beans, 1 cup, 15 grams

Need some inspiration? 
Try these high fiber recipes and snack ideas:

Breakfast: Overnight Oats

Lunch: Spinach Salad with Avocado and Goat Cheese

Dinner: Quinoa Cheddar Bake with Broccoli and Chicken

Snack: baby carrots and chopped raw broccoli with hummus



2 responses to “Weekly Challenge: Fill up on Food!

    • I was a little nervous about trying chia seeds too! But I really do not taste them at all! You can add them into almost anything for an extra nutrition boost.
      Glad to have you following along with the challenges!


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