Best of the Week

Happy Friday!!  Here’s what I loved about this past week.

A Relaxing Mini Vacation

I’m totally a mountain girl.  I would rather go hiking than sunbathing at the beach.  And this weekend I got to go to the semi-mountains of NC: Lake Lure, NC.  (This is where they filmed a lot of the movie Dirty Dancing.)  My husband was participating in a sprint triathlon, so most of the weekend was pretty active.  While he swam, biked and ran, I went out on a sightseeing run myself.  I planned out a route, but ended up just going where the scenery took me.

lake lure run

50 minutes later, and some PiYo via the DVD player in the hotel room, and I had myself a great workout!

We also spent some time hiking to Chimney Rock.  There were tons of stairs to get up there and we were both feeling the burn, but the sights were beautiful!

chimney rock

On Sunday, we had a lovely brunch at the Inn at Lake Lure (there peach cobbler was divine!) and walked along the Flower Covered Bridge before heading back home.  It was just the relaxation and activity we needed to recharge.

flower bridge

A Brined Pork and Peach Dinner

I should have taken pictures of this meal, but I didn’t.  I used this recipe as the basis for my dinner.  The exceptions: I always add a little less sugar (that’s just me), I left out the red onions: my husband is allergic to them, and I used boneless pork tenderloin slices instead of bone in pork chops.  Since we didn’t feel like grilling, I browned the meat on the stove and then baked them until our desired doneness, about 15 minutes at 350.  I served with strawberries and broccoli.  YUM!  I’m ok with pork, but have never really gotten excited over it.  But this pork was delicious – we both scarfed it down!

Align & Flow Yoga

This was my first experience at an Align & Flow yoga.  It’s a good class for people who are trying to learn the correct postures and muscle activations for poses.  The class was very interactive and the instructor talked the whole time, which is very unusual for yoga.  But we learned how to activate our muscles properly for chair pose, pigeon pose and downward dog, and then did some assisted hand stands.  That was nerve-racking but fun!  I had to help support my husband who is a good 9 inches taller than me, but I was able to do it.  And I felt strong doing my handstand, and it made me want to practice it more!

Silly Movie Night

Thursday night we needed a break from reality so I rented the Lego Movie for some pure silliness – and boy did it deliver!  We both laughed out loud many, many times!  The $37 coffee, the “kragle” and of course the song that will be stuck in our head for at least a week: “everything is awesome!”  If you need a good laugh, I recommend this movie.  It’s fun!


Move #1: Mountain Climbers

Move #2: Lunges

I will have Saturday and Sunday Tabata Challenges for my weekend warriors!  Check them out on my Facebook page.

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