Movitation from within

Happy Thursday!

I’ll admit, I’m having a low motivation day.  When that happens (and it happens to everybody!), I just give myself a pep talk.  It sounds silly, but it works.

My inner dialogue goes something like this:

“I’m tired.  I just want to lay on the couch all day.”
“But I know I really shouldn’t.”
“Ok – should I work out?”
“If I don’t work out, I’ll feel guilty, lazy and regret it later in the day.”
“If I do work out, even if it’s not up to my best ability, I’ll feel proud, rejuvenated and I definitely won’t regret it.”
“Ok.  So I’ll do my workout to the best of my ability for today.”

And that’s the key – the best of my ability for today.

Some days we have endless energy and can add miles onto our walk or run, add another set to our weight training, or jump a little higher.

Other days we are slower, need to lower our lifting weight, or stay low impact.

And that’s ok.  Don’t compare your day-to-day workouts.  Our bodies have different abilities at different times.  Our eating habits, hydration, sleep level/length, stress level, previous workouts – all of that effects our exercise capacity.  So every day is going to feel a little different.  Just work out to your abilities for that day, and you will be gaining.

So even if you can’t walk as far as you did earlier in the week, or run as fast, still do what you can.  It’s not a waste of time.  You will benefit!

And if you need a little extra push in the right direction, remember why you are doing this.  Why are you trying to be healthier?  Is skipping a workout or eating a big piece of cake more important to you than the reason you started?  Is it more important than your health?  Your energy level?  Your happiness?

You can do it!  So go for it!

can you

Thursday’s Tabata Challenge

Move 1: Skater Hops or Steps

Move 2: plank hold (on knees or toes)
toe plankplank on knees



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