Challenge 2: Eat more Veggies!

You made it through week 1!  Congratulations!

Unfortunately your water challenge is not over.  Continue to drink water daily!  You can either keep up with your goal from last week, or add an extra glass of water in daily for the week.  Remember hydration is crucial for good health and a weight loss!  So keep gulping it down!

Week 2 is again about nutrition.  I know we all want to eat what we want and exercise it away, but unless you are Michael Phelps and working out 8 hours a day, that will not work.  Weight loss is 80% diet, 20% exercise.  Plus, what you put in your body has a direct effect on how you feel.  Want to feel energetic, happy and full of life?  Your diet can play a huge part in achieving those feelings.

This week we are focusing on vegetables.  Most people have a love/hate relationship with vegetables.  There are some they love, and plenty they hate!  But there are plenty of tasty vegetables out there that you may have never tried before.  And if the taste isn’t for you, there are also ways to sneak in veggies to your favorite dishes where you won’t even taste them!

The challenge for the week: Eat your Veggies!

For people who normally eat 0-0.5 cup of vegetables a day, your goal is to eat 1 cup of vegetables (of your choice from the list below) a day.  You can divide the cup up however you like, eating a bit throughout the day or all at once.

For people who normally eat 0.6-1.5 cups of veggies a day, your goal is to eat 2 cups of vegetables from the list below a day.  Try to eat 1 cup for lunch and 1 cup for dinner.

For people who normally eat 1.6-2 cups of veggies a day, your goal is 3 cups of vegetables a day from the list below.  You can spread the vegetables out throughout the day however you see fit.  A special challenge: try veggies at breakfast!

For people who eat 3 or more cups of vegetables a day, your goal is to try and eat new vegetables or prepare your favorite vegetables in new ways.  Variety is great for your diet.  Not only will it keep your taste buds satisfied and cravings at bay, but it will add different nutrients into your daily diet.  You can choose a vegetable from the list below or find one on your own.

Healthy Vegetable Choices

Bok Choy
Brussel Sprouts
Collard Greens
Green Peppers
Mustard Greens
Red Pepper
Sweet Potato
Turnip Greens

Here’s a few recipes and ideas to get you started.  Stay tuned because every day I will share a tasty way to eat your veggies!

For snacking, try baby carrots, chopped broccoli and/or sliced peppers with a hummus dip

For dinner, try this easy and tasty roasted broccoli recipe

A filling and nutritious lunch is as easy as this Kale & Artichoke Soup

Trying veggies for breakfast, how about this spinach pancake?


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