Tips for Drinking More Water

How is everyone doing on their water challenge for the week?  Remember, just drinking one glass of water (over none) makes a difference!  So keep trying to hydrate as much as possible – you’ll feel better and look better.

A common problem with non-water drinkers is they miss the taste of their favorite sodas, juices, teas and other carbonated beverages.  And I understand – plain water can be a little blah!  So instead of craving your favorite non-water beverage, why not improve the taste of healthy water instead?  And with a bit of time, you will be craving it instead of soda!

Many people turn to the packaged water enhancers to add flavor to their water or they purchase the flavored bottled water.  Some of these items are not too bad for you, but others are full of chemicals and artificial ingredients.

How do you know if your enhancer or flavored water is good for you?  Check the ingredient list!

How many ingredients are listed on the package?  Are there lots of long chemical sounding words?  If there’s a lot of ingredients (anything over 5) or lots of long chemical words on the list, you should avoid the product.  By drinking this, you are getting plenty of unhealthy ingredients in with your healthy water.

Also look out for artificial sweeteners like aspartame, acesulfame-k  or saccharin.  There are lots of studies showing that artificial sweeteners may cause metabolic issues and weight gain.  And personally I know they are the cause of acid reflux for me!

Are you a fan of vitamin-packed waters?  Don’t be fooled into thinking these are healthy! Most of what you consume through these beverages is just a drop in the bucket for your actual vitamin needs.  Our body metabolizes vitamins much better through food than beverages or even multivitamin pills.  So a good diet is all you need to get your daily vitamin intake.

So when shopping, avoid long ingredient lists, chemicals or artificial sweeteners, and don’t be fooled by the added vitamins!

There are plenty of ways to spice up water without buying water enhancers!

  • Add frozen fruit to a pitcher or water bottle.  Not only does it act as an ice-cube, but adds flavor to your water.  Try different combinations of fruit and find a mixture that works best for you.
  • Add fresh herbs to your water.  Fresh mint is a popular choice.  You can even puree fresh mint and make ice cubes to add to your water.
  • Citrus fruit slices or cucumber slices are great ways to add some flavor to plain water.
  • Or you can add just a splash of 100% fruit juice to your water for some zing!

What are your favorite ways to add flavor to water?  Share them with me so I can give them a try!


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