Best of the Week

Happy Friday!  Here’s what I loved about this week:

Healthy NO CARB Pancakes:

A simple recipe of 1 banana and 2 eggs, blend until smooth, then bake as pancakes really works.  The consistency is much like a pancake, and if you are a fan of banana, like I am, it’s a tasty and nutritious breakfast!

Night Out on the Town

My first visit to the new home of the Charlotte Knights, BB&T Ballpark.  As a native Charlottean used to driving into South Carolina to see the Charlotte Knights play, it was odd but exciting to see them play to the backdrop of our beautiful downtown.  And beautiful weather made the night perfect!

bbt ballpark

A Fun Run

If you follow me on Facebook, you saw my super tired and sweaty picture of my run on Wednesday.  I ran 4.5 miles around my neighborhood on in a nice 70 degree summer morning!  That’s definitely cool for NC so I enjoyed every bit of it!  And since I wasn’t battling the heat – I got caught up in my head.  Strange thoughts can pop into your head while running.  For some reason during this run I was imagining being interviewed by Alton Brown about who I would like to win The Next Food Network Star this season.  My vote: I’m not excited about any of the finalist.  Sarah annoys me.  I like Nicole but hate seafood.  Lenny seems like a good cook but is too over the top.  And even though I’m really good at understanding different accents, Luca would require too much concentration for a cooking tv show to understand!  I like to just have Giada or the Barefoot Contessa on in the background to enjoy and learn.
Healthy Pre-Cooked Sausage

I shared one of my favorite foods with my twitter followers the other day.  Right now I am loving All Natural Al Fresco pre-cooked sausage, especially their apple maple chicken sausage.  They are great for breakfast, lunch or a snack!  Yum!


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